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Understanding Your Child’s FSA Score

Understanding Your Child’s Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) Score

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What are the Florida Standards and the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA)?

The Florida Standards were adopted by the State Board of Education in February 2014, after a process of public input and review, emphasizing preparation for college and career success. The Florida Standards Assessment, called the FSA, measures the new Florida Standards.

What subjects/grade levels take the FSA at Alta Vista Elementary?

The following subjects/grade levels take the FSA:

  • FSA English Language Arts (ELA): Grades 3-10
  • FSA Mathematics: Grades 3-8

Are there other State tests at Alta Vista?

Fifth Grade also takes:

  • NGSS Science

What is the amount of time spent on each FSA?


How do I know what scores my child needs to earn to be on grade level?

Level 3 is consider Grade Level


When will the 2016-17 tests be given?


      28th                Fourth and Fifth Grade Writing


      28th                Third Grade FSA ELA Session 1

      29th                Third Grade FSA ELA Session 2


      1-7th              Third Grade Make-Ups

      11th                Fourth and Fifth Grade FSA ELA Session 1

      12th                Fourth and Fifth Grade FSA ELA Session 2

      13th                Fourth and Fifth FSA ELA Grade Make-Ups

      18th                Third Grade FSA Math Session 1

      19th                Third Grade FSA Math Session 2

      20th               Third Grade FSA Math Make-Ups

      21st                Third Grade FSA Math Make-Ups

      25th               Fourth and Fifth Grade FSA Math Session 1

      26th               Fourth and Fifth Grade FSA Math Session 2

      27th                Fourth and Fifth Grade FSA Math Make-Ups

      28th               Fourth and Fifth Grade FSA Math Make-Ups


      2nd                        Fifth Grade NGSSS Science Session 1

      3rd                        Fifth Grade NGSSS Science Session 2

When will the results of the 2016-17 Assessment be available?

The Third Grade ELA results should be available in May.  All other test scores will be available during the summer.  To obtain the results you may:

  • Give a self-addressed, stamped envelope to your child’s teacher during the last week of school.
  • Come to the school office during the summer break, Monday through Thursday, to pick up the report during the summer.

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