Jose Diaz is our Guidance Counselor. If you have any questions regarding academic or social issues related to your child, please call or email Mr. Diaz to schedule an appointment.

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Positive Behavior and Intervention Support

Positive Behavior and Intervention Support, PBIS, is a support system that helps to promote good character development in students. It focuses on building up students positively and rewarding the good choices they make. Students are taught to show C.A.R.E. in all they do.



Active Participation



Students can earn points for displaying positive behavior at school. They can use these points to attend special events.  They also can use them to purchase prizes at the PBIS store.



CHAMPS, which stands for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success, is another tool we use alongside PBIS. CHAMPS is a way to help students know and remember the expectations and procedures for the variety of tasks and environments they encounter throughout the day. Here is an example of our CHAMPS procedures for the cafeteria:

Cafeteria Expectations

C (Conversation)  Conversation Level 1 or 2.
H (Help) Students gather everything they need the first time when going through the line. If they forget something, they should raise their hand for assistance.
A (Activity) The activity is eating and quiet conversation.
M (Movement) Movement is limited to entering, going to the assigned table, and throwing away trash before lining up. Students should not get up and throw away trash without being directed by AVE staff.
P (Participation) Participation is eating and following directions. Students should aim to learn the information that is being presented. It will be beneficial to them.
S (Success) Success is following all the above directions.



Cyberbullying Information

Information on cyberbullying and how to protect your children is now available online. Please take a moment to review these resources.

Federal Government Website on Cyberbullying

Online Harassment Or Bullying Reporting Form

There is also information on our district website under Students and Parents. Resources can be found by typing the word “bullying” in the search box. Here you can find definitions, ways to prevent cyberbullying, how to report it, a question and answer section, as well as additional links for resources.