K – 2nd Classrooms have five desktop computers available for student use.

3rd Classrooms have five desktop computers and five laptops available for student use. We also currently have two laptop carts of 24 available for their use.

Our 3rd Grade Mobile Instruction Classroom includes a cart of 24 iPads, which are used daily by students.

4th – 5th Classrooms are one-to-one in student laptop and desktop computer use.

Technology Used in the School

  • Laptops
  • Smart Boards
  • Document Cameras
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Wireless Slates
  • Digital Microscopes
  • AverPens
  • Smart Response Systems
  • 2 Computer Labs
  • Video Cameras
  • Flip Cameras
  • TV Studio
  • LIGHTSpeed Sound
  • MLC Project (Mobile Laptop Cart)
  • Kindles
  • iPads
  • Apple TV

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